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Presale Party.San Metal Open Air 2021


As already promised, we have thought about the presale of 2021.

The past few weeks have shown that you value our transparency and honesty above all, we would like to briefly explain the ticketing to you here: Basically, we had to trash the thought that we had originally planned for the P.S:O:A 2021 and had to adapt into the current situation. A staggered ticket was planned in 4 price levels (Early Bird, Late Bird, Dead Bird and box office), in which the first level was limited in number and the subsequent levels were to be linked to certain dates. Since Covid-19 made a fat red cross through this calculation, we made the following decision: The Early Bird tickets of the limited first price level have already been sold out by the holders of the tickets that were originally intended for the P.S:O:A 2020 - the amount of reimbursed tickets so far, is almost ZERO and this trust in us should be thanked!

Accordingly, we start the pre-sale on May 29th, 2020 with the actual Late Bird Ticket for € 110.70 (incl. advance booking fee and VAT). This ticket is valid until December 31st, 2020 - after that it continues with the Dead Bird (€ 120.70 including advance booking fee and VAT), which will be available until July 30th, 2021. For last-minute guests, there is of course an evening box office with weekend and day tickets, the price of those will be revealed in time. Certainly some of you will be wondering where the price increase comes from and why we cannot maintain the previous 2020 price. Very simply explained: We drove a zero price round for the P.S:O:A 2019 to express our thanks for the loyalty over 25 Party.Sans. Regardless of this, the running costs of each festival increase year by year - regardless of whether it involves fuel, security, insurance or ultimately band fees (and much more). Since the pandemic is preventing us from the majority of our annual income, a Party.San 2021 would unfortunately not be possible without the price increase shown. If you have any questions regarding ticketing, please write us in the comments or send us a message - we will try to answer all inquiries.

Your P.S:O:A team